This is Neysa Kristanti, the founder of Papier Revue and also one of the co-blogger here.
I am just your normal kind of 20-something girl, who is balancing life between my college life in Fashion Design major, doing bunch of student organizations, running an online business, learning bunch of new things, and nurturing my passion for reading and writing.

I came from Indonesia, speaks fluent Bahasa, English, and sarcasm; and tends to ramble quite a lot (And by quite, I mean, like, very much). But although I might be a little too chatty sometimes, I always tried to give my most honest opinion, both in real life and in my review.

Some random things about me including a massive sucker for tearjerker stories, a hopeless romantic, french-fries-dipped-in-ice-cream kind of eater, having a perpetually pissed-off face that makes everyone think I'm scary (so sad), and secretly a pro in the art of bullshittingI also have a thing for a deep blue sea and a night sky full of stars, and would love to travel the world, get to know and meet new people, and immerse myself in the culture; which is why I'd also love to learn as many new things and new languages as I go.

Looking forward to getting to know you all, Cheers! x

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