If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Title : If I Stay
Author : Gayle Forman

Genre : Contemporary
Published Date : April 2nd 2009

Publisher : Dutton Juvenile
Pages : 201
Source : Bought
Rating : ✿✿✿✿✿

From Goodreads :
On a day that started like any other,

Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, admiring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music and full of choices. In an instant, almost all of that is taken from her. Caught between life and death, between a happy past and an unknowable future, Mia spends one critical day contemplating the only decision she has left. It is the most important decision she'll ever make.

Simultaneously tragic and hopeful, this is a romantic, riveting, and ultimately uplifting story about memory, music, living, dying, loving.


If I Stay was the first contemporary novel I've read, and it was the only book that made me sobbing like a baby. I'm not the type who could be easily touched, but this book totally blew it offI first came across this book from Goodreads recommendation. Hooked by its simple yet eye-catching cover, I decided to give it a try. And well, I guess I'm glad I did. Truly.

"I can lose you like that if I don't lose you today. I'll let you go. If you stay"

If I Stay told us about our main character, Mia, as she survived a tragic car accident that killed her parents and left both her and her brother in coma. Wandering from her body, she saw what damage the accident did to her life, her family, her boyfriend, and all of them who was grieving for her.
 Throughout the book, she struggle with the meaning of life, and questioning herself, 'Is it really worth to living when you have nothing left to live for?'. And in the end, trough her struggling, she will make her ultimate decision, continued to live, or choose death.

The character, I think, was fully developed and had a distinct personality. Mia was a strong heroine, and very human, and that's what I totally love about this book. Adam, Mia's boyfriend, and the only reason she keep living, was charming and devoted, and even when his and Mia's story was just classical-geek-and-rock-boy love, I still like it, for love can be blind sometimes.

Overall, if you like reading contemporary, I highly recommend this book. Total tearjerker, and it'll still haunt you even when you've finished reading it.

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  1. I love this book! I will buy this book if I see it own shelf at my local bookstore!=D

    1. Yep, I would too, since I read this on ebook format :D
      Owning the actual printed book feels much more awesome :D

  2. This is next on my to read list, I've heard so many good things about it!


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